A beautiful poem about imagination of a man for his love
Poem – you and me
You and I are
U are like a boat and I am a sailor.
Ur hair are like waves,
In which am attempting to bare.
Ur eyes are like a cyclone,
In which I’m going to depth.
Ur body is a floor of boat,
Upon that I’m holding my control.
Ur legs are like a rudder,
By which I’m controlling my direction.
Ur scent are like a breeze,
By which I’m going to be freeze.
Ur thighies are like a ridge,
That stops me to get trophies.
So make them far away,
that I can get a way.
Ur hips are like an engine,
By which I’m holding an energy source.
U and me going to be one SOUL,
Just be holly wife….

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